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Welcome to Y.A.R.G. a car racing game in isometric view... The old-fashioned way!

You will have several cars to choose from with different driving styles for each one. As well as several circuits in different settings, with crossings, jumps and more!
In this game you don't race against other cars but against yourself... TIME IS YOUR ENEMY! and it won't be easy to finish every race... Keep trying if you fail!

The controls are as follows:

  • Accelerate: Up Arrow
  • Brake: Down Arrow
  • Left: Left Arrow
  • Right: Right Arrow
  • Recover: "R" or "Backspace" key
  • Menu Select: "Enter"
  • Menu Return: "Escape"

You can also use a GamePad:

  • Accelerate: Right Trigger
  • Brake: Left Trigger
  • Turn: Left Joystick
  • Recover: "Y" Button
  • Menu Select: "A" Button
  • Menu Return: "B" Button

Enjoy Y.A.R.G.!


yarg-win.zip 346 MB
Version 0.95 Nov 15, 2021

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file, uncompress it, launch the exe file and... ENJOY!!!

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